Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 23

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 23

    Diesel Engine Management System Troubleshooting Flowchart — Engine Control Modul (ECM) (cont’d) (From page llv23l Disconnect the connectors oi each sensor ana at a lime: Clankshall Posilion Sensor 0 Needle Li“ Sensor - Throttle Pedal Position Sensor I Fuel Slim-o Solenoid 0 Fuel Quantity Solenoid o o Fuel Ouanlily Feedback Sense! Boost Fressuve Sensol V No neplacelne sensormal caused the < 9°35 ‘9 M‘@_ lighl lo 90 out. YES Turn the ignificn switch OFF —_| Conllnuify? Vlew “om harness slde M H Disconnect the 55 P conneclov Worn lhe ECM. A‘ £$£A££Jbihr$£££fl=£$£ih$rfir£ “9 A20 JLJL&.&&&&&4L&&&&&£&&& A37 A35 &&&&&&AL&JL&&&A&&&&& A55 Check for conlinuily ln GEN/RED wrre between A4 (7) lerminal on the ECM conneclm and body gvounfl. YES RepairshomogmundlnGRN/REU (—) wire between ECM (A4) and Is there confinuily? body ground. NO Subslllute a known-good ECM and recheck. lisymplom/lndlcallon goes away, replace the original ECM. 11-24