Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 27

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 27

    System Description ‘Troubleshooting Flowchart — Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor _ (cont’d) (From page n-27] Tum he ignlliun swilch OFF. Connect the breakout— box belween ECM and ECM connector Tum the gnition switch 0N. Measure vollage between A53 m terminal and A13 (-) tevmmal er me breakout—box VES Repair open in PNK/GRN (+) < Ismere approxD— wire berween ECM (A53) and ecrsensor. NO Tum the ignition swilch OFF Reconnect 2P conneclor. Disconnect the SSP connector 9mm the ECM, Check (or cantinuIIY o bong flound on A53 (+j lermina or the c con- nectar. Repair short rrr PNK/GRN m YES w|re between ECM (A53) and ECTsensw. < IS there NO Suhsllmlea known—good ECM and recheck, Ir symptom/lndlcalian goes away. replace are original E Continuity? A53 (+) View from rermlnal side m as fivV??fi‘fifi??vvvfiWfirfi—3? ss y—“T 20 ???‘F????T‘F?‘Ffififififi? 37 ‘ ??T?fi?v?fifi??fi????fi?‘ 7:! 11-28