Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 29

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 29

    . Withrha Data LinkConnemor‘s ding» System Description ‘Troubleshooting Flowchart — Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor —‘ / —[E— The Mallunclion Indicalor Lamp (M|L) indicates Dlagnostic Trouble Code (DTC) is: A problem in me / Engine Coolant Temperature (ECT) Sensor circuii (signal above selpoim]. The ECT sensor is a iemperalure dependant resislor (lhermislorlv The resrslance oi the thermistor decreases as the engine coolant lempevalure increases as shown below. RESISYANCE 0(0) 20 1o 5 I m :E/ rHERMIsron -2o 0 In a; to a mono m / l 4 32 ssmuonommr‘n ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE nasuc L—Lina (WHT/PNlere) con- nected 10 ground (see page 42) or me PGM—Tesler connecrea lo the Dala LlnkConneclur, code 15 is indi- cited. Do me ECM Reset Procedure (see page 1143) Turn Ihe ignition swnch 0N ‘ Intermmenuanuye.system ls 0K Does Ihe MIL indicate code N0 at in‘ am (xesi drlve may be 157 necessary)‘ Check (or poor connections or YES loose wlres belween mo ecr sensor and ECM. Warm up engine Io normal operaling (eryperature line radialor ian comes on . Turn the Ignillon switch OFF, Disconnect the 2P connector from the SST sensor. Measure resistance belween me 2 terminals on he ECT sensor. < ls Ihere 450-5509? No } Replace the EOT sensor. I YES (Topege 11-31) 11-30