Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 30

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 30

    [Flom page M .30) View lrom Ierminal side Turn the ignition switch ONr Measure vol|age belween PNK/GHN l+) Ielminal and body ground < Is mere battery vollage7 o ~o < Is lhere applox. 5V7 N0 Turn Me ignifion SWImh OFF- NO Repairopen or short lo lgnmon in < Ismere approx V7 >— PNK/BLK (—) wire between ECM PNK/GRN PNKIBLK ECT SENSOR Repalr shun m ignition in PNK/ GHN (+) wlre between ECM (A53) and EC! senior. Measure voltage between PNK/GRN (+)1erminal and PNK/BLK1~)‘ermiA nal ol the SET sensor Canned the breakout—box between ECM and ECM Connedorv Tum [he ignfllon swnch ONr YES Subslilule a known—good ECM and recheck. ll eymplom/inaica- mm goes away replace Ihe origi- nal ECM. Measure voltage between A53 (+) terminal and ma H Ierrninal at me breakout—box. NO Repalr open In PNK/GRN (+ wlre between ECM (A53) and EC $611- son Subsmute a known-good ECM and recheck ll symplonulnalca- tion goes away. veplace the orlgl< nal ECM. ooaa eee | ASSH) oano con oono one (AU) and ECT sensor. 11-31