Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 32

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 32

    {From page 11-32) | Check lor cuminwa Io body gvound on both erminals of the Crankshaft Posm‘on Sensor. < |s mere cominuuly? NO Tum me agnmon swilch 0N. Measure voltage between VEL/BLK (+) terminal and body ground. —--— YES Measure voltage bemeen View < IsIhereappro W” >—- ELK(+)XerminalandPNK/BLK(—j (ermlnal. N0 VES Replace lhe Crankshafl Fashion Sensor. PNK/BLK YEL/BLK OO is mere approx, 5v? VES Turn Ihe ignition swmch OFF. Reconnect the 2P connect Wew om terminal side CRAN KSHAFT POSITION SENSOR Substilme a knownrgood ECM and recheck. n symptom/indies» lion goes away replacme original ECM, Disconnect the 55F connector om the ECM. Check fior cunlinu‘xty «0 ground on A13 1—) wire 0! ECM connector. (To page 11-34) View lrom lelmlnal side ??????‘FVT???T?‘F?‘F?? ‘9 fl 3e vfififi??vfi‘fifififiv??fi?? 55 g-‘J-r 20 vvvvvfififi???vfi??vvv av (To page 11-54) ‘ |_J A13 (—) if Cnnlinuily‘? (cont’d) 1 1-33