Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 36

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 36

    (From page ii- asp Check (or coniinuiiy Io body gvound an both ierminais of me Clankshalt Posmun Sensor. < ls mere continuity? >—YES NO Reconnea the counselor, * Disconnea ihe 55F connector rom the ECM. Measure Ihe vesistance bewveen (M7) (4») terminal A 13 (—) Ierrnlnal 01 me ECM conneclor < Is mere 1.250»! .4509? >—NO YES Check ior coniinuiiy la nod; round on M7 1+) lelminal and Al —) ier. minai oi ihe ECM connecior. < |s mere continuity? >—YES N0 Subsiiime a known—good ECM aria recheck. ii symplom/lndica .or. goes away. replace [he urlglnal 5cm View Horn lefmlnal S|¢B Replace (he Crankshaft Posillon Sensor. Repair open In YEL/BLK m wire and/or PNK/ELK (-) wire belween ECM and crankshaft Posiiian Sen- 50L Hepalr shon In YEL/BLK (+) wire and/or PNK/BLK (—) wire bemeen ECM and Clankshafl Fashion Sen- SOL — 1,501,450“? —— A47 (+) CRANKSHAFT POSITION SENSOR 1?????T?VFT‘FFWT??T?? ‘9 l—‘ as F????T??‘fifif????‘fi??‘fi ss l—“T zo fifififi???‘fi????fifi??fififi :7 A13(—) View lrom ‘erminal side 11-37