Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 38

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 38

    (From page was) LT GEN/RED Is resistance 7004 .3000 wrm Ihmnle pedal released. and PNK/ELK 1, with lhvonle pedal lully depressem NOTE. There_ should be a Replace the Home Fed“ F05“ View rrom smooch Ilansflion 1mm lhe on Sensm » Iermlna|side low lesislance vavue m we ‘ ’ high resrsmnce value when EVIH— FUR/URN me rome pedal is de~ Dressed. TH ROWLE PEDAL POSIYION SENSOR YEL’BLK YES Tum the ignition switch ON. Measure voltage beMeen YEL/ELK (+HerminaloflheThvonle Pedal Posi- non sensor harness connecror and body ground, YES Repair snon m Ignman in VELIELK m wire between ECM (A33) and Home Pedal Posiuon Sensor, ry voltage 9 m a e g NO < ls Ihere approx. 5V7 NO 1 Tumme ignifion swiwh OFF. | VES Connect the bveakoul— DOX between ECM and ECM connemor. Turn the ignilion switch 0N. Measure voltage bemeen YEL/BLK . . Measure voltage berween A33 m (+) lelmlfla‘ and FNK/BLK -) (evml- - .. na| ol the Throne Pedal Posman Sen figflfl‘f‘gfi” ( ’ emml 3 me 50! hamess connector. > YES Repair open in VEL/ELK (+) wlre Ismere approx. 5v? between ECM (A33) and 711mm: Pedal Position Sensor, NO Subsmme a known—good ECM and recheck. u symptom/Indica- fiOfl 0&8 away. replace I9 origi- nal CM. ooauoooo oauuoooa onoooooo A33 (+) (To page 1140) (com’d) 11-39