Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 42

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 42

    (From page 11-42) ls resistance 7004,3009 wilh throttle pedal released, and |.4OD»2,SODQ wim (hrotlle pedal Iully depressed? NDTE‘ There should be a smooth transition trim the low resismnce value to the high resistance value when the throttle pedal is :12. pressed. Turn me lgn Measure voltage between VEL/BLK (+) lerminal at me throttle pedal posi~ lion sensor harness connector and body ground. ls there approx. 5v? VES LT GRN/RED Replace the Throttle Pedal Fusi- fion Sensor. N0 [— , I Turn (he ignition switch OFF Connect the breakout— box between ECM and ECM connector, Measure voltage between VELIBLK (+) terminal and PNK/BLK (—) termi- nal of lhe Throttle Pedal Posttion Sens snr harness conneclor. (To page 11-44) Turn the ignllion switch ON. Measure voltage between A33 (+) terminal and A13 (-) terminal at the breakoutr box. < Is there approx 5V? >—VES NO Turn the ignition switch OFF, PNK/BLK View from terminal slde THROTTLE PEDAL POSITION SEN- Rapalr open in YEL/ELK (4-) wire between 5cm (A33) and throttle posfllon sensor. /— 5w A13 (7) Reconnect the 4P connector. Disconnect the SSP oonneciol from the ECM. ooooccoo ooooaooo oaoouooo Check tor continuity to bod ground on A‘33 (H lerminal olthe CM eons nel: or A33l(+) (To page 11-44) (cont‘d) 11-43