Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 43

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 43

    u? L‘fllvg Inf-y n_. r, mm Diesel Engine Management System rTroubleshooting Flowchart — Throttle Pedal Position Sensor (cont’d) _ (From page 1143) (Flam page 11.43) R. llr then In YEL/ELK + wire [smele com: If! V55 “5...... ECM AM) one )ronlo Pod-IPesmon onscr. N0 sun-mute . known—good ECM and recheck. ll cymptomllndlcm uun you away. “plan the 0ng- nll ECM. No m°’£3.&§1‘£‘”§ 111’ “II In to I o ves I Tum 2m lonmon Mich OFE Reconnect the 4P connectm, ,— DEV—LUV? Conn-am. buck - box between ECM um EOM comm. ‘ Tum the Inmon switch 0N, Mmule who. bemch M7 (+) ten-mm! and A 13 (-) hmflnll ll me brawn-bean ls voltage approx 05V with mom. pod-J laud. Ind :rmlwmwoflam Mlymm Sub-1mm 3 known— cod ECM and recheck I! lyn- m/Indlcl~ NOTE: Thu should be I Han on “quash” the odgL mummmmomw all M. . I! ma ml! pedal ls dopumd. (ram. 11-45) 11-44