Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 46

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 46

    a (From page H-45) Measure resistance between telmlnal 4(+) and termlnal 2 (-) ot the Tnmme Pedal Pos‘mon Sensor. YES Measure resistance between lermlnal 3 1+) and lermmal 2 (—) 0t IheThronle Position Sensor Connector. Is reSIStance 70071 .3000 wllh throttle pedal released. and moo-2,6009 wlln lhronle pedal lully depressed7 NOTE: There should be a smooln transition lrorn the low resislance value lo me high resistance value when the throttle pedal is de 9185580. YES Tum the lgnitiun switch ON. Measure voltage between LT GRN/ HED m lerminal ol the Thronle Pedal Position Sensor harness connector and body ground. < ls there 700 0007 >—No LT GRN/RED Replace Throttle Pedal Posllion Senson Replace lhe Throttle Pedal Posi- llon Senson YES Repalv s)ho{t loblgnlllon In LT an/ new.» wre etween ECM A25 < “me” “My mug”? and Tlrmme Pedal Fuslllon(sznl sor. NO NO I ls lhere appvoxr 6V? I Turn the ignition switch OFF. YES (To page 11-48) PNK/BLK View lrom Terminal slde THROTTLE PEDAL POSITION SENSOR / Connect the breakout — box between ECM and ECM connector: Measure voltage between A25 (+) terminal and A13 (7) terminal anhe breakout—box oooeaeoo ooooeooo ooooeouo (To page 1MB) (cont‘d) 11-47