Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 50

  • Honda Accord 1996 62SN725 Service Manual - Page 50

    J (From page 1-50) Reconneu Disconnecl the SSP connecmr ham the ECM Black realwheels and seuhe parking brake. Jack up Ihe hontohhe car and suppon wnn salely slands Tum xne ignmon swulch ON Slow‘y roxaKe Ken 1mm wheel and mea- suve vonage belween BLU/WHT 1+ terminal and ELK (—) terminal of vs by back—probingthe vss connemov. Does vonage move than 5v? Disconnecl me 55F connector lvom puise ov and YES A WARNING Blockleavwheels belove jacking up from cl cav “0 Hepiace vs VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR (V55) BLU/WHT / (@3} View om (erminal side VEL (H LJ 0 H male than 5V7 View Irom terminal side fifi??‘fi’????fi ss r54 1—| 33 ???‘FT?T? 2° $‘fi‘???fi?? 1 T?????? ‘9 50” ‘TT‘CTTTTTTFTT 37 T ? ‘? ‘? ‘? ? V F ‘9 SIOWW Iotale Iefi Iron! wheel an)fl mee- L_._l ( sure vouage between A29 (+ termi- Hal 0! Ihe ECM connector and body A29 (*1 A29 W ‘29 H) ground 0 (—i move Ihan ml 11m iConlinuixy? Measure voila a between A29 (+) 0°95 “mag” “53 W and 0 lelminal m (hegECM connector and move man 5V? body 9mm YES yEs Repalr short to Ignnion in ELU/ Substitute a known-good ECM < 5 “9 baflerY WM!” (+) We be‘ween V55 and and recheck ll symptom/Indicauon goes away. replace original ECM. NO Checkloroontinuitylo ground unAzs (+) terminal 0! me ECM conneclor. NO < lslhere continuity? >—-5s Repair shot! In BLU/WHT (4-) wlra between VSS and ECM‘ Repacr open in BLU/WHT (+) wlre heMeen VSS and ECM. 11-51