Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 2

  • Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 2

    Outline of Model Changes European (KG, KZ, KE, KS) Models MODELS REFERENCE“ ITEM DESCRIPTION MAERO 95 95AERO as 95mm 55mm DECK coups DECK COUPE DECK General ACCORD AERO DECK added 0 —~ Engine Exhaust pipe and muffler changed 0 ~ » Maintenance interval ior engine oil and oil iiiter O O 5 changed Fuel and - Fuel Tube/Quiclectmnect Fittings introduce T O O n Emissions ~ Engine Control Module modified I Manual Changed 7 Transmission - Countershait clearance inspection 0 o —— - Reverse idler gear shaft lsolt torque - Honda genuine manual transmission fluid (MW 0 O ,3 speclfied Automatic Modified Transmission . 1st clutch piston Changed - lst-hold clutch plates 0 o if - Secondary shalt axial clearance specification - Torque value of the transmission housing mounts ing bolts Steering ~ Steering gearbox removal/installation procedures 0 O 17 changed Suspension Rear dumper removal and installation changed 0 if Body ACCORD AERO DECK added 0 —— Changed 7/ Cflyfle « instrument panel and dashboard IowerVremoval procedures (automatic climale control modeli - Headliner replacement procedure - Quantities oi the side sill panel clips used t Sunrooiconstructions O O - Radio with a coded theft protection circuit — (COUPE-KE model, AERO DECK-KE and KS models) Added - Door cylinder protector and door weatherstrip Disused - Manual door Wlndow Changed - Door molding adhesive tape location 0 Added — - Side and rear emblems ‘r Changed - Emblem attachment points 0 — - Front seat can lower anchor bolt construction Changed - Attachment point of emblem O - Opener cable location - Opening repair chart t Guide to the cushion tape location 0! ceiling light harness Changed 0 O 20 - Front bumper and spoiler, rear bumper and bumper skirt ~ Trunk lid - Door molding adhesive tape and clip location changed 0 - Roof rack added