Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 29

  • Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 29

    Design Specl Ications Gauge Lighls lndicaml Lighrs Illuminalion and Film Lights Heater Illumination nghls 12V- 1,4w,3.DW Izv rOLEAW, 1 12w, izvsoiss w, o.s4w,o.91 w,1,12w,1,4w, LED l2V714W — (contd) ITEM METRIC ENGLISH moms SUSPENSION Type From lndependenr double wishbone, COII spring wirh stahil xer Rear Independent double Wishbone. cuil spring wilh srabilrzer Shock Absorhev Fronr and Heat Telescopic, hydraulic nllrogsn gas-lined WHEEL Camber From 0° ALIGNMENT Rear 43°25 Caster From 3“0’ Total Toe Front 0 rm 0 in Rear In 2 mm I In 0,03 in BRAKE SVSTEM Type From Pow21~assismd sell-adjusling uentrlalea disc Power-assisted sell-adiusflng solid disc Disk brake Rear Poweleassisled sell-adjusting drum Drum brake Pad Surlaae Area From as ornz x2 7.5 In x 2 Rear 23 cm’ x 2 Dlsk brake Lining Surface Area Rear u cm7x 2 11.5 squn x 2 Drum brake Parking Brake Type Mechanical actuating, rearrwo wheel brakes TIRE Size and Pressure See lire label Isee page LIZ) ELECTRICAL Banerv 12 v a 52 AH/5 HR“ 12 v — 55 A145 Him Staner 12 V, 1.4 kW/l.6 kW Alternator 12 v a so A“, so A Fuses In unueroash Fuse/Relay Box 7.5 A, 10 A, 15 A, so A In Undenhood Fuse/Relay Box 75 A, 10 A, 15 A, 20 A, an A, in A 50 A, no A, 100 A In under-hood ABS Fuse/Relay Box 10 A. 15 A. 20 A, w A Headlights Inside Izvessw OuTside 12 v a 60/55 w From Turn Signal Lights l2v—21 w From and Rear Posillon Lignra 12 v — 5 w SideTum Signal Lights 12V-5W Rear Turrr Signal Lights 12 v — 21 w 51 Lighl 12v—21 w Ta ighta IZVrsw High Mounl Brake Lighl I2 v - 21 CF (lsww 2 V > 21 W ‘9 Back-up Lights 12v—21 w RearFog Lighl” 12v—21 w chense Plale nghts 12 v— 5 w 12 — aw Ceiling Lighrs 12V-8W Luggage Area Lighrs 12 v — 3.: w Iain W) Door Coutesy Lights 12 v a 3.4 w :Excem KH model ’2: KH model *3: KH model will F2231 engine : Othev models : European model are. 15- K0 and KH models *71Asro Deck/Wagon ~52 Coupe 3-16