Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 35

  • Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 35

    Maintenance Schedule European Australian and Newzealander Model Normal Conditions Follow the Normal Maintenance Schedule if the severe driving conditions specified in the Severe Conditions Maintenance Schedule below on the next page do not apply. Service at the indicated distance or time k’ X L000 20 4° 3° 3° ‘00 29 ‘40 ‘50 “3° 20° whichever comes first miiss x 1,000 i2 24 35 43 so 72 34 96 we 120 montns 12 24 as 48 so 72 34 so 108 120 Replace engine oil Every 10,000 km (6,000 milesi or 12 montns Replace engine oil ititer o o o o o o O o o 0 Replace air cleaner element 0 o o o 0 Inspect valve clearance o o o o 0 Replace luel filler o o o I 0 4mm 6%? §__ < Except ior KU (Thailand) model 0 o o I o Fol KU (Thailand) model Evevv 45,000 km (23,000 miles) Replace timing belt, timing halal-leer belt and inspect water pump 0 O inspect and adiusi drive balls 0 o o o o inspect idle speed c 0 Replace engine coolant o o o 0 Replace transmission fluid (0: inspect) 0 o 0 o o inspect irsnt and rear brakes o o o o o o o o o 0 Replace brake fluid [Including ABS) 0 o 0 Check parking biake sdjustment o O o o 0 0 Check iigms alignment 0 a o o o o o o O 0 Test diive inoise, stability, dashboard pperstionsi o o o o o o o O o o t Vlsuallv inflate! the following items: Tie rod ends, steering gearbox, and boois Suspension componanls Drivesnsit boots Blake hoses and lines (including ABS) 0 o O o o O o o O 0 Exhaust system Fuel lines and connections Tvre condition inspect supplemental restraint system inspect system 10 years alter lirst registration