Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 4

  • Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 4

    Australian (KO), Saudi Arabian (KY), Taiwan (KH) and Korea (KH) Models MODELS REFERENcE lTEM DESCRIPTION 55 W0 96 911:5? (2093?! Ex ° C0939: a ° W WAGONZ AGEIqu General ACCORD AERO DECK added 0 — Sales name has been ehanged irom ACCORD AERO DECK 0 lo ACCORD WAGON «or KO model) - ACCORD AERO DECK and COUPE fur KY model added 0 O 1 Engine Changed ~ Inuke maniiold o —— r Exhaust pipe and muffler ~ VTEC oil preeeure switch abolished O O B r Troupleehooiing ior VTEC solenoid valve changed r Mainrenance inlervai forenglne oil and oil nlrer changed 0 o 3 Fuel and Changed 0 O Emissiuns ~ Engine conlam iemperaiure sensor eircuir lKll model) - Engine Comrol Module modrired - Fuel inimion Air (FlAi Conlioi System abolished (KH model) 0 O 11 > Fuel Tubs/Duick-Connecl Fininge iniroduced Manual Changed Transmission ~ Couniershah clearance inspemion o Q —~ ~ Reverse idler gear shafl bolnprdue ~ Honda genuine manual transmlssion fluid (MTF) specified 0 0 13 Automatic Road leer oi F2281 engine added 0 Translrllssion Modified a istclmch pisron Changed ~ Islnhold Clutch plares O O ‘ 1/ 1 ~ Secondary shah axial clearance specification ’9 yr .3 ‘- ro Hhelransmission housing mounring bolis Sieering ~ S‘eering gearbox removalflnslallation procedures changed 0 o 17 Suspension Rear dumper removal and insiallarion changed 0 Body ACCORD AERO DECK added a fi Changed - Inslvument panel and dashpoerd lower cover removal procedures tau‘omatic Climate Control model) ~ Headliner replacemenr procedure - auanrrnee ol rhe erde sill panel clips used - Sunrenicunslruclion Added 0 o — - Door cylinder protector - Door lower weaihersrrip - Radio wiih a coded rheh prorecnon circuii (COUPEKM model, AERO DECK-KM modeli Disused r Mnnualdoorwindcw Changed - Dnor molding adhesive tape Iocatiun Added O k - Side end rear emblems a Front bumper beam and rear bumper beam (KM mudell Changed 0 ~ Emblem anachmenr point Changed - Anachment point oi emblem ‘ Opener cable location O o Opening repair chan - Power adjustable sear added ~ Door molding adhesive tape and clip locaiion changed 0 2° Changed - From bumper and spoiler, rear bumper and bumper skirt 0 O a Trunk lid - Guide in rhe cushion rape locarion oi eeilmg ligln harness