Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 43

  • Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 43

    Engine 0 — Replacement CAUTION: Remove me druin bolt curelully while the Selecilhe oil forlhe car engine is hot; the m may um scalding. accordlng to Il‘IIS can: 1. Warm up the engine. 2. Drain the engine on. Ambienl Temperalura 4. Fill lha engine with all up to the specified level, run the engine lor more Khan 3 minutes, lhen check ior DRAIN sol-T LWASHER oil leakage. u Min (45 kgimsa lM—«i Replace. Do nol overlighlen. 3. Reinstall lhe drain boll wilh a new washer, and refill with the recommended oil, CAUTION: Do noi overlighlon the drain bolt. Requiremsni Always use a luelrefficient oil is lhat says API Service 56 or SH. SAE Viscasilv: Sea chart (his page, Capscilv Excepl F2251 engin 3.5 (13 7 us qi, 3.1 Imp an an oil change. 3.3 I (4.0 us qi, 3.3 Imp at) at oil change including liner. 4.9! (5.2 US ql, 6.3 Imp qt) alter angina overhaul, FZZEI engine: ml in us ql. 3.5 Imp in) a: oil change. as l “,5 us qi, 3.5 Imp on at oil change including mm. 5.51 (53 us ql, 4.9 Imp a!) site: engins ovevhaul, Change Eurngean and Kl] madels lnlervsl Engine oil—Every 10.000 km (64000 mi es) or 12 monlhs Engine oil filter—Every 20,000l12,000 miles) or I2 months <$evere condiiionh Engine oil and oil filter—Every 5,000 km [3,000 miles) or s monlhs Oil-er modsls~ Engine oil and oil inef—EVEYY 5,000 km lama miles) or s momhs 8-2