Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 44

  • Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 44

    Fuel and Emissions Special Tools t Component Locatlons Index System Dmrlp n Vacuum Connections Electrical Connections , Troubleshooting 11¢ 11-4 11-5 11-8 11-10 PGM-FI System Troubloshooting Flowchart: Englne Control Module Heated nygnn Sensor Huth Oxygen Sensor Heater , Fuel supply Systom .. Manifold Absolute Pressure Sensor Top Dead Canter/Crankshaft Position/cyllnoer Position Sensor .. Engine Coolant Yempernture Sensor . Throttle Position Sensor . Int-Ire Air Temporaluro Sensor Idle Mixture Adjuster Barometric Pressure Sensor lgnition Output Sign. Veh e Speed Sensor Elactrlcal Loud Detector AIT Fl Slgnal A/B 11-15 11-19 1122 11-27 11-29 ~31 11-33 11-35 11~37 11-39 11-40 1141 1142 11-“ Idle Control System Troubleshooting Flowchart: Idle Air control Vulva Air Conditioning Signal Altomatnr FR Sign-l ‘ Automatic Tunsnxle (A/Tl Ga-r Broke SWIthI Signal Starter Switch Signal Power Steering Pressure Switch 5 gnal ldle 5pm smlno ....., 1156 Fuel Supply System Fuel Lines l Fuel Yube/Ou k-Conn-ct F Fuel Injectors PGM-FI Mein neley Intake Air System Intake Alr Resonator Control System Emission Control System reilpioe Emission .. Exhaust Gas Recirculutlon System Evaporative Emission Control: Outline of Model changes F2234 engine has been added. Fuel Injection Air (FIA) Control System (F2231 engine) has been abolished. Fuel Tube/Quickrconnect Fittings have been introduced. Englne Control Module has been modified.