Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 5

  • Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 5

    ITEM DESCRIPTION MODELS 9‘ AERO DECK 95 COUPE 95 AEM DECK“ ar WMON‘ 96 SSAERO DECK or °OUPE WAGON REFERENCE SECTION Air Conditioning Added Automatic cllmate control (KH modell O O Electrical ACCORD AERO DECK added Added - Automatic climate central (KH model] Retractable power mirrors (KH model) - Driver’s side vanity mirror light - Coded theft prolactlon circuit for the radio (KM model) - Keyless entry system Changed - Taillight bulbs replacement KY model added; related inlormation entered Information related to the addition F2234 (KY model) engine entered - Circuit diagrams or system whose wire colors changed - Horn circuits of models with SRS airbag system changed - It IS now possible to replace the power mirror actuator - Immobilizer system inlormation entered « Inner taillights added 23 Supplemental Restraint System (SR5) DE-msde 5R5 unil adapted Changed - From SRSrtype l to SRS-type Ill SR5 unit and cable reel connectors changed O O 23 NOTE: Refer to 94 ACCORD Shop Manual (Code No. EZSV4ODD, 94 ACCORD AERO DECK Shop Manual Supplement (Code NO. SZSVZZO), 95 ACCORD Shop Manual Supplement (Code No. GZSVAZUI and 95 ACCORD COUPEv ACCORD AERO DECK/WAGON Shop Manual Supplement (Code No. 625V221) for the items not shown. ‘1: Except KO model, ‘2: K0 model