Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 7

  • Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 7

    Chassis and Engine Numbers AERO DECK or WAGON European and K0 models: F Vehicle Identification Number lHGCEWIOOAEOOI Manurecmrer, Make and Type or Vehicle IHG: HONDA OF AMERICA MFG, INC., U.S.A. HONDA Passenger eer Line, Body and Engine Type CEI: ACCORD AERO DECK or WAGONu/Fzzai, F2255 CEZ: ACCORD AERO DECK/F2033 Body Typo Ind Trenernieelen Type 7: 5-door Wagon/Srspeed Manual 8: Srdoor Wagon/4vspeed Automatic Vehicle Grade (Serlesl 1: 2.2i LS 2: 2.0l L5 3: 2,0i LS with S/R 4: 2.2l LS Wllh SIR 5: 2.0i ES 2,2i Es 6: 2.2: ES with leather seals 2.01 ES 7: ITi 2.0i E5 wiih S/R : 2r0i Es wllh S/R Auxrllery Number Factory Cede 777—7 A: Ohio Factorv In U.S.A. (Marysville) Sen. Number 7 -1 European model, ‘2: KO model KV and KH models: — Vehicle ldemificalion Number 1HGCEI72‘TAEE Manulamur Make and Type a! Vehicle IHG: HONDA 0F AMERch MFG, INC, uVs.A. HONDA Passenger Car Line, Body and Engine Type * g CEL ACCORD AERO DECK/ F2232 and F2234 Budv Type and Tranlmission Type 7: Wagon/Srspeed Manual 3: Wagon/4-speed Automatic Vehicle Grade (Seriesl 2: LX 7: 22 Ex 8: 22 EX Wllh Stereo Sound System 9 EX Check Digit * 7 Model Vear Model Vear T: 1996 Funny Code i A: Ohm Feciory In USA lMarysyilIel Serial Number 7 Engine Number F203373000001 Engine Type F2083: 2.01 soHc Sequenrial Mulfipen Fuel-injected englne with CATA [European (KG, KE, K5, K2) models] F2231: 2.2 1 SOHC VTEC Sequenuai Multlpert Fuelinjeeren engine with CATA [Australian my model] F2235: 2.2 r SOHC Sequential Mullipnrl Fuelrinjected engine with CATA [European (KG, KE, K5, K2) modelsl Serial Number fi- onaa. 52135: 3000001- F2201 : 3300001~ — Transmission Number P2057 7000001 P2U5 Manual for F2231 engine P2C4: Manual for F2033, F2235 engines AOVA: Aummallc Serial Number - Engine Number F2282-374070001 Engine Type F2232: 2‘2 1 SOHC Sequential Mulllporl Fuelrinjecied engine wiih CATA F2234: 2.2 l SOHC Sequemial Mulliporl Fuel-injected englne without CATA Serial Number F2232: 3400001~ F2234 3100001~ p Transmission Number P2A5 700000l Trinsmissinn Type g :I— P2A4: Manual wrth F2232 engine P204: Manual with F2254 engine AOVA- Automatic Serial Number 1-2