Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 8

  • Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 8

    Coupe European Model ,— Vehicle Identification Number A — Engine Number 1 HGCD714OOAE€E F203373000001 Manufacturer, Make and Type oi Vehiele 1HG: HONDA OF AMERICA we, lNC., U.S.A. HONDA, Passenger car Line. Body and Engine Type CD7: ACCORD COUPE/F2235 CD9: ACCORD COUPE/F2033 Body Type and Transmission Type 1: 2-door Coupe/S-speed Manuel 2: Zrdoor Coupe/4-speed Automatic Vehicle Grade lSerieel Engine Type F2053: 2.0 t SOHC Sequential Multiport Fuel-Injected engine with CATA F2285: 2.2 l sow: Sequential Multiporl Fuel-injected engine with CATA Serial Number — Transmission Number 3: z.2i Es P2647oooool 4: ZaOI LS 2.2i ES with leather seats Transmisslon Type 5: zvoi ES P204: Manual 6: z.ol Es with leather seats AOYA: Automatic Fixed Coda Serial Number Auxiliary Number Factory Code A: Ohio Factory in U.S.A. [Marysvillel Serial Number Except European Model: _ Enema Number — Vehicle Identification Number —‘ F22313400001 1HGCD722TAlflg Engine Type F22B1: 2.2 l SOHC VTEC Sequential Multiport Fuel-injected engine with CATA F2232: 2.2 t SOHC Sequential Multipon Fuelslnjected engine with CATA F2254: 2.2 l SOHC Sequential Multiport Fuelrinjected engine without CATA Serial Number F2231, F2232: 3400001— F2254 : 3100001~ Munulactumt, Malta and Type of Vehicle 1HG: HONDA OF AMERICA MFG., INC” U.5,A. HONDA Passenger car Line, Body and Engine Type CD7: ACCORD COUPE/F2231, F2232 and F2234 Body Type and Transmisslon Type I: 2-door Coupe/S-speed Manual 2: 2-door Coupe/A-speed Automatic Vehicle Grids (Se’riesi‘ 1: DX wilh ABS 2: DX 5: EX, 2.2 EX 6: EX with leather seats 2,2 EX with stereo sound systme cheek Digit Model Year Model Year T: 1996 Factory Code A: Ohio Factory in U.S.A, (Marysvillel Serial Number — Transmission Number P2A4s700000 1 Transmission Type P2A4: Manual with F22B1 engine P2C4: Manual with F2234 engine AOYA: Automatic 7 Serial Numher 1-3