Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 9

  • Honda Accord 1996 CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 9

    Chassis and Engine Numbers AEHO DECK or WAGON — Applicable Area Code/VlN/Engino Number/Transmission Number List E HICLE NUMBER 22 Ex KY 5MT ‘IHGCE177’TADDOOO1~ FZZBA—3100001- P2C4-700000h AAT 1HGCE187”TADOODO1~ F2234-3100001~ AOYA’7000OD1 « 2.0 iLS 1HGCE27200A200E301~ F2033-3000001~ PZCA-7000001~ :Io iES 5MT 1HGCE27800A200001~ F2033’3000001~ P25477OUDDO1~ ‘AT IHGCE28800A200001~ F2033-3000001~ AOVAV7000001 ~ 2.2 -5 KG 5MT 1HGCE17400A200001~ F2255~3000001~ PZC4—7000001~ AAT 1HGCE18400A200001~ FZZES-3000001~ AOYA’7000001~ 22 ES 5MT 1HGCE18600A200001~ FZZES»3000001- P2C4-7000001m 4AT 1HGCE18600A200001~ F2235»3000001~ AOYA-7DOOOO1~ 7w 7 2‘0 {Es 5MT 1HGCE27500A200001~ onaaraooouou P2C4r7000001~ MT 1HGCE28500A200001~ F2033-3000001~ AOVA—7000001 ~ 22;?” u ELS K2 5MT 1HGCE17100A200001~ FZZE5V3000001~ szmooom~ DECK AAT 1HGCE18100A200001~ F2235»3000001~ AOYA-7000001~ 22 ES 5MT 1HGCE17500A200001~ FZZBE-SOODOM- PZE4—7000001~ AAT 1HGCE18500A20000| - F2235’300000L— AOVA-7000DD1~ 20 iLS 5MT 1HGCE27300A200001~ F2033»300000|~ P2C4»7000001~ KE AAT 1HGCE28300A20000| ~ F2033-3000001~ ADVA-7000OD1 ~ 22 ES 5MT 1HGCE17600A20000|~ FZZBB‘BOOOOOB- P2C4—7000001~ ‘7i 4AT 1HGC518800A200001~ F2285~3000001~ ADVAJOOOOUI~ 2.0 iLX 5MT 1HGCE27200A20000|~ onas-aoooom— P2C4—7000001~ 22 Ex KU 1HGCET7500A200001- FZZBSVZODOOOl’v P25477000001~ 1HGCE18500A200001~ F2255-3000001~ AOYA’7000001 ~ LX KH dAT 1H5CE182‘TA000001~ F2232-3400001~ ADYA-7DDDOD1~ EX 1HGCE|89TAOOOOO1~ F2ZB1-34DOOO1~ AOYA’7000001~ Accent; . 5MT 1HGCEI77ODA200001~ F2251-3800001~ quwooooou VT: KO WAGON AAT 1HGCE18700A200001~ F2251-330000|~ AOYA-7000001~ 1-4