Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 12

  • Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 12

    Abbreviations (contdl MAP Manifold Absolute Pressure MAX. Maximum MBS Mainshaft Brake System MCK Motor Check MIL Malfunction Indicator Light MIN. Minimum MFl Multi Point injection M/S Manual Steeri g M/T Manual Transmission N Neutral max Oxides ol Nitrogen OBD On-board Diagnostic 0D or CD. Outside Diameter 025 Oxygen Sensor P Park PAIR Pulsed Secondary Air Injection PCM Powenrain Control Module PCV Positive Crankoase Ventilation Froportioning Control Valve PGM-FI Programmed-fuel injection PGM—IG Programmed Ignition PH Pressure High PL Pilot Light or Pressure Low PMR Pump Motor Relay PIN Fart Nu mber FRI Primary PIS Power Steering PSF Power Steering Fluid FSP Power Steering Pressure PSW Pressure Switch Qty Quantity R Right REF Reference RHD Right Handle Drive RL Rear Left RON Research Octane Number HR Rear Right SAE Socier ol Automotive Engineers SCS Service Check Signal SEC Second Secondary SOHC Single Overhead Camshaft SOL Solenoid SPEC Specification S/R Sun Root sns Supplemental Restraint System STD Standard SW Switch TE T/B ,TC TCM TCS TDC T/N TF TWC VC VIN VSS VTEC VVIS W/O WOT 2WD 4WD giggg‘EEEEEEEEEEgEgg Torque Throtfle Body Timing Belt Torque Converter Transmission Control Module ‘ Traction Control System Top Dead Center Tool Number Throttle Position Three Way Catalytic Convener Viscous Coupling Vehicle Identification Number Vehicle Speed Sensor Variable Valve Timing & Valve Lift Electronic Control Variable Volume Intake System With Without Wide Open Throttle Two Wheel Drive Four Wheel Drive Two Wheel Steering Four Wheel Steering esoesd Automatic Transmission 5-speed Manual Transmission Park Reverse Neutral Drive list through Attt gear) Drive (1st through 3rd gear) Second First Drive Second Low Low (gear) Second (gear) Third (gear) Fou rth (gear) Fifth lgearl 1-8