Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 2

  • Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 2

    Outline of Model Changes ITEM DESCRIPTION CODE NO. 628N720 525N121 ESMH 625N723 B25N725 REFERENCE SECTION General 2.3! model added 2.01 KS model added 1.3 [7 model added 221 model added Maintenance schedule changed 0 2.3 I model disused 1.8 l KY model added 1.3 Engine H23A3 engine type added F2021] F2022 engines valve clearance modified Rear mount bracket Changed Changed - Torque value of radiator fan self looking nut « Connecting pipe (H23A3 engine) - Water pump F18A3 engine added F2222 (SOHO VTEC) engine added Cylinder head cover installation procedures changed F1EA4 engine added FGM—FI Changed tor 2.3: model addition « Vacuum connections - Electrical connecticlns . Heated oxygen sensor 010le « TDC/CKP/CVP sensor « Starting air valve - Fast idle (hermo valve . Throttle body t intake air bypass llAE) control system - intake air control system Main wire harness changed F18A3 engine added F2222 engine added Adopted - Immobilizer system - Fuel tube/quick connect fittings Changed Fuel fil‘er - Vacuum connections - Maintenance schedule at air clear elemenl F18A4 engine added for KY model Changed ~ Vacuum Connections ~ Elemrical Connections - Self-diagnostic procedure - Engine Control Module Terminal Arrangement lMA Troubleshooting Flowchan Maintenance Schedule of Air Cleaner element - Tnilpipe Emission Service boltfor fuel pressure measurement disused Torque yelue or tuel filter changed 11