Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 28

  • Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 28

    ITEM METRIC l ENGLISH NOTES STEERING SVSTEM Type Power assisted, rack and pinion Overall Retro Turns. LockelcrLock 3.13 Sir-raring wrreel Diameter 390 mm l l5.u In SUSPENSION Type, From Indepenoem double wishbone, coil spiing wiih mbllimv Type, near Independanl double wialrpone, Coil spring win. stabilizer Shock Apaorber, From and Hear Telescopic, hydraulic niirogen gee-lined WHEEL ALIGNMENT Camber From n“ W Hear 70° 30 Caner av 00 Torel Toe Fronr 0 mm o in Rear in 2.0 mm In 1/16 in BRAKE SVSTEM Type: From Power-e ed eeli-ediusring veniiiareu disc Rear Powerrass‘lsled sell-adjusting solid disc Fad Surraee Area: From F15A3,F|BA41FZOZ1 IMrrI AQJ cnrz x 2 7.86 rig-in x 2 Farm (Am, r2222 55.0 cm1 x 2 l 3.99 og-ln x 2 near 28.3 ornz x 2 4.39 eg-in x 2 Parking Brake Mechanical muaiing, rear two wheel Imkea TVRE aSiza and Fresaure See (we inlorrneuon label (see page 1-6) ELECTRICAL emery 12 v — 57 AH/zo HR Ks, KV 12V-47 AHIZO HR KG, KE szaner 11V»I.lkW,1V6kW Aliemeior 12 v - 70 A Fueee In ma underrdash (use/relay box In rhe under-hood Iuso/relav box In the under-hood ABS ruse bux Headlignis Froni Turn signal Liglns Front Parking Ligms Side Turn Signal Lignre Rear Turn Signal Ling Brake/Taillights Hign Mounr Brake Ligm Back-up Ligme Rear Feg Ligm License Plate Lignre Ceiling ilnierier) Lighrs Fronl Raar Trunk iaooi) Light: Door Courtesy Lighls Glove Box Llenr Gauge Lighrs lndic Ior mom/Lamps War ng Ligma Illumination and Film Lighxs HOB‘E Illumination Lighls 7.5A,1DA15A,30A 7.5A, 10A 15A,2I1A,3I)A, 40A,50A,BoA 2nA,wA 12v—55WII-m 12V»21 WWELLDW) 12v-5w 12v-5w l2v»2lw 12V72I/5W izveztw 12v-21w 12V-21W 12v—5w 12v—5w IZV—JJW IZV—ILAW 12 v-uw Izv-sw IZVrlJJW I2 v—o.84, 1.12, 1.4 w, LED lzv-u l2 v—o.56.o.a4, Liz mw 12v- AW 3-1 5