Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 3

  • Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 3

    ITEM DESCRIPTION CODE ND. 828N720 628N721 828N722 525N723 825N726 REFERENCE SECTION Manual Transmission Countarsllafr 2nd gear svnchro system changed 0 Changed . Countershart clearance inspection t Reverse idle gear shah torque Manual transmission fluid designation changed Deleted - 28 mm sealing bolt - Selecl return pin Stopper ring and taper ring unned 13 Automatic Transmission Changed for 2.3! model addition » Road test shift schedule - Stall speed RPM - Pressure testing fluid pressure - 1st/2ncl clutch assembly Circuit diagram modified Changed - Reverse idler gear shift and holder - Main valve body assembly - Secondary shatt assembly - Clutch discs and pistons - Throttle control cable inspection and adjust» ment Discontinued - Right side cover protector i Magnet on ATF strainer Changed » 1st»hald clutch plales - Secondary shaft axial clearance spac cation ~ Torque value of the transmission housing bolts Added - 1st clutch discs Changed o Hydraulic circuit - Electronic A/T control system - Selfadiagnosis indicatur light ‘ Shift schedule ‘ Automatic transmission fluid designation ~ Gear shilt selector Steering Power steering system changed Brake Application of brake pads changed due to 2.3 I model addition Changed - Torque value of rear brake caliper bracket mounting bolt for Conventional brakes - Anti-lock Brake System (ABS) Possible to replace the reservoir and the accumulamr of the modulator unit Changed o Replacement parts affront and mar brake caliper - Master cvlindsr - Brake booster inspection procedures - ABS system