Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 31

  • Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 31

    Lubrication Points For the details of lubrication points and types of lubricants to be applied, refer to the illustrated lndgx and various work procedure (Such as Assembly/Reassambly, Replacement, Overhaul, Installation, area) Conlained in each section. No. LUBRICATIDN POINTS LUBRICANT 1 Engine Always use a fuel-efficient oil is that says API Service 86 or SH. SAE Viscosity: See chart below. 2 Transmission Manual Honda Genuine MTF“ Automatic Genuine Honda ATF PREMIUM (Automatic Transmission Fluid-PREMIUM) or DEXRON II or III Automatic transmis- sion fluid 3 Brake Line Brake fluid DOTS or DOTA“ 4 Clutch Line Brake fluid DOTS or DDTA 5 Power steering gearbox Steering grease (PIN 08733 — 30705) e Shifl lever pivots (Manual Transmission) 7 Release fork (Manual Transmission) urea grease DMZ“ (PIN 211 W5 ‘ 305) s Shift and select cable ends Silicone oil 9 Throttle cable end 10 Steering wheel (Except cars with SR5 airbag) 11 Select lever (Automatic Transmission) 12 Pedal linkage 13 Battery terminals 14 Brake master cylinder push rod a_ 15 Trunk hinges and latches Mu“ “mm” 995“ 15 Door hinges upper/lower and latches 17 Door open detents 18 Fuel Id 19 Hood hlnges and hood latch 20 Clutch master cylinder puShrod 21 NC compressor Compressor oil NDDILB lP/N 38899 a Pfi7 — A01) 22 Rear brake caliper parking lever pin Rust-preventive agent 23 Power steering system Honda power steering fluid lv, 5 or ll) Select the oil for the car according to this chart: cAuTION: u .1 engine on may use skln eanear ll pent-(fly lo contact with the s n tor prolonged peri- ods Although thls ls unlikely unless you handle used oil -ao —zo -ro o 10 20 :to 40‘: on a daily b. s, it is stlll advisable to thoroughly wash . your hands with soap and water I: soon as possible her -20 D 20 ‘0 60 BD IOU 5 handling Mud oil- Ambient temperature *1: ll Honda MTF is not available, you may use an API service 85 or SH-rated motor oil with a viscosity 0 SAE 10W ~ 30 or 10W — 40 temporarily. Motor oil can cause increased transmission wear and higher Shifting effort. 2: We recommend Genuine Honda Super Duty DOTS. 4-2