Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 48

  • Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 48

    Troubleshooting Self-diagnostic Procedures When the Malfunction Indicator Lsmp (MIL) has been reported on, refer to base Shop Manual lP/N: 528N700) and blink the Code. DIAGNOSTIC TROUBLE SYSTEM INDICATED Page CODE IDTCI o ENGINE CONTROL MODULE IECM) — w HEATED OXYGEN SENSOR (H028) 7 3 MANIFOLD ABSOLUTE PRESSURE (MAP) SENSOR ¥ 4 CRANKSHAFT POSITION (CKP) SENSOR — 5’5 MANIFOLD ABSOLUTE PRESSURE (MAP) SENSOR — 7 ENGINE COOLANT TEMPERATURE (ECTI SENSOR —— i 7 THROTTLE POSITION ITP) SENSOR ‘ — TOP DEAD CENTER POSITION (TDC) SENSOR — 5 No. 1 CYLINDER POSITION (CYP) SENSOR — 10 INTAKE AIR TEMPERATURE IIATI SENSOR 11M IDLE MIXTURE ADJUSTER (IMA) -10 I2 EXHAUST GAS RECIRCULATION IEGRI 13 BAROMETRIC PRESSURE (EARO) SENSOR ’ — u IDLE AIR CONTROL (IAC) VALVE —~— 15 IGNITION OUTPUT SIGNAL — 17 VEHICLE SPEED SENSOR (VSS) — 21“ VARIABLE VALVE TIMING 81 VALVE LIFT ELECTRONIC CONTROL IVTECI ¥ SOLENOID VALVE 30” A/T PI SIGNAL A — 31*2 A/T Fl SIGNAL 3 fi 41 HEATED OXYGEN SENSOR (H025) HEATER — *1: P2222 engine *2: An model 3: Kv model *4: Except KV model *5: Except F2222 engine O For reference pages not listed with the respective the code, relar to base Shop Manuals (PIN: 625N723). 0 If codes other than those listed above are indicated, verify the code. If the code indicated is not listed above, replace the ECMT C The MIL may come on, indicating a system problem when, in fact, there is a poor or intermittent electrical connection. First, check the electrical connections, clean or repair Connections if necessary 11-6