Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 6

  • Honda Accord 1997 62SN726 Service Manual - Page 6

    Chassis and Engine Numbers ‘— Vshi 0 Identification Number (VIN) — — Engine Number ——————— SHH 0E7 Sioogo 57E F18A3 - Esaoooi Manuiaeium, Make nd Englm Type Type D! Vuhlcla F18A3: 1.3 5’ SOHC 16-valves sHH: HONDA OF THE U.KMFG., Sequential Multipon LTD. UVK. Fuelniniected “5 Ps engine HONDA Passenger car Lino, Body and Engine Type CE7: ACCORD 5EDAN/F18A3. F18A4 CEB: ACCORD SEDAN/F2021 (:59: ACCORD SEDAN/F2222 Body and Tnnsmission Type Unisaded gasofine wiih CATA F18A‘: LS! SOHC 16-valvss Sequential Multipon Fuel-injected 117 PS engine Leaded gasoline without CATA F2021: 2,0! SOHO 15*Valves Sequentia! Mulliport 5: 4»door Sedan/5»spsed Manual Fuel-iniwed 131 PS engine 6: 4»door Sedan/a-speed Automatic Unleaded gasaline with CATA Vehicle Grade (Series) F222: 22 z SOHC 16—Valves VTEC 1: 1 ‘ Sequential Mulliport 2: 1. s Fueiriniected 150 PS engine 3: 1i8iLS Un|eaded gasoline with CATA A: 1.3: (GET), 2.0i (CEB) Serial Number 5:1 5 (can, Luis meal 6: 1.8iLS (CE7), 2.0iL5 ices), VTEC (CES) _ ‘ 7: LBIES (CE7)v 2.0iES (CEBI. Transmlsso Nunber VTEC (CES) MA7A- my 8: ZlOiES (CES), VTEC (CESi Fixed Cod. ‘— Transmission Typa Au ary Number ——¥ MINA: Automaiic Factory Code _——— Nzc Manual tor F2021 engine U: Honda ofthe U‘K. Manuiacturing ~20 Manual for F2222 engine in U.K, NZE Manual for F18A3 engine Model Your _—-. N254. Manual (or F18A3, F18Al engines 0: 1996 Serill Number 1997 (KY model) Automatic: 1000001~ Serial Numbar Manual: Excep! NZES: 3000001 ~ N2E5: 1000001 ~ 1-2