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  • Honda Accord CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 48

    Mainshaft Assembly d3} Index NOTE: The 3rd/flth, and 5th Synchro hubs, and the ball hearing are installed wilh a press, Prior m reassembling, clean all the parts in Solvent, dvy them, and apply lubricant to any contact surface ardum and 5m synchro hubs, however. should be installed with a press before lubricating meml P204 Transmission: BALL BEARING stcRRo name Check for wear and upeulionv SVNCHRO TAPEH DONE RIIG SPRING nan/4m sVNcNRo SLEEVE SPACER Jan/4m stcnRo HUB {w r M svucrmo RING I1? “m“i):fi ._ smcnuo SPRING lM . 51 SVNCRRo nu. 5TH SVNcHRo SLEEVE SVNCHRo SPRING svucmto RING NEEDIE BEARING Check low wear and operation, 51H GEAR SPACER COLLAR NEEDLE BEARING Check 07 wear and operation. 4TH GEAR MAlNSHAFl 1 3-3