Summary of Contents for Honda Accord CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 45

  • Honda Accord CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 45

    Fuel Supply System — Fuel Tank Replaeamem no not smoke while workan on luel systom. Keep open llalvla away horn your work pm. I. Relieve [he luel pressure (see page 1173}. 2. Jack up the car and support with iackstands. 3. Remove the drain bolt, and drain the fuel into an approved containerl 4. Remove the fuel pipe cover and fuel hose prmeclor. 5. Disconnect the hoses. CAUTION: - Wh-n dimnneoting the hoses, slldo luck the clamps, than twist hoses a; you pull, to avoid dull-9mg them. 0 clean the flared ioim of high pressuro hom thoroughly hdorl reconnecting them. . Place a jack, or other support, under the tank. l Remove the strap nuts and Ial the Slraps Iall free. . Disconnect the 2F and (SF connectors l Remove the fuel tank. NOTE: The tank may stick on the undercoat applied to its mount. To remove, carefully pry it off the mount 10. Install (he drain bolt wilh a new washer, then coat the drain bolt with Noxrust 1245 Dr equivalentl Allow Ihe Nnxrust or equivalent to dry tor zo minules. 11. Install the remaining parts in the reverse order of removeL «locum P CONNECTOR 3P CONNECTOR DRAIN BOLT 49 N-m (5,0 kgtm. FUEL NOSE Replace, PROTECTOR 35 Am (3.9 kgl—m, :bm VEH FUEL TANK SIRAPS FUEL PIPE 8 11-4