Summary of Contents for Honda Accord CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 44

  • Honda Accord CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 44

    Fuel Supply System .6 — Fuel Pressure Relieving Belore disconnecting luel pipes or hoses, release pres- sure from the system by loosening the 12 mm sealing nut on the fuel rails M: e Do not smoke while working on the fuel system. Keep open flames or sparks Iway from your work area. o Be sure to relieve fuel pressure while the ignition switch it u. 1. Disconnect the battery negative cable from the bat- tery negative terminal. 2. Remove the fuel fill cap. 3. Use a box and wrench on the 12 mm sea|ing nut at the fuel nut. 4. Place a rag or shop towel over the 12 mm sealing nut. 5. Slowly loassn the l2 mm sealing nu! one complete turn. 12 mm SEALING NUT 22 Min (2.2 kgtm. 16 Ibfltl NOTE: Replace the washers whenever the Sealing nut is loosened or removed. Inspection 1. Relieve fuel pressure. 2. Remove the service bolt on the fuel rail while hold- ing the banjo bolt with another wrench. Attach the special tool. 3. Stan the engine. *Measure the fuel pressure with the engine idling and the vacuum nose of the fuel pressure regulator disconnected from the fuel pres- sure ragulator and pinched. If the engine will not start, turn the ignition switch 0N (Ill. wait lor two seconds, turn it off, then back on again and read the fuel pressure. Pressure should be: 260 - 3w kPa (2.7 - 3.2 kgl/an. 38 — 46 psi] 4. Reconnect vacuum hose to the fuel pressure regular tor. Prmun should be: 210 — 250 “’1 (2.1 - 2.6 kgtlcmz, 30 — 37 psi) FUEL PRESSURE REGULATOR CLAMP 07406 - 0040002 if the fuel pressure is not as specified, first check the fuel pump. lfthe fuel pump is OK, check the following: o If the fuel pressure is higher than specified, inspect lor: — Pinched or clogged fuel return hose or line. — Faulty fuel pressure regulator. e lf the fuel pressure is lower than specified. inspect for: — Clogged fuel filter, v Faulty fuel pressure regulator. — Leakage in the fuel line. 11—3