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  • Honda Accord CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 34

    Lubrication Points For the details ol lubrication points and type ot lubricants to be applied, reter to the illustrated index and various work pro- cedure (such as Assembly/Reassembly. Replacement, Overhaul, Installation, etc.) contained in each section. N0. LUBRICATION POINTS LUBRICANT Engine Always use a fuelrefficient oil is that says “API Service 1 $6 or SH. SAE Viscosity: See chart below. Transmission Manual Genuine Honda MTF“ 2 Automatic Genuine Honda ATF PREMIUM (Automatic Transmission Fluid-PREMIUM) or DEXRON II or ill ATF Brake line [includes Anti-lock brake line) Brake fluid DOTS or DOTA“2 Clutch line Brake fluid DOT3 or DOT!Z Power steering gearoox Steering grease PIN 03733 e BD7OE - Pv _ Shin and select osole ends (Manuel transmission) urea Gm “mm W” 2 5 305) a 4 5 a Release fork (Manual transmission) 7 8 Thronle cable and lDashboard lower panel hole) Silicone grease 9 Throttle cable end lThrottle link) 10 Brake master cylinder pushrod ll crutch masteraylindar pushrod 12 Hood hinges and hood latch 13 Battery terminals Multipurpose grease 1» Fuel fill lid 15 Tailgate hinges is Door hinges, upper and lower 17 Door open detent 18 Rear brakacalipers Silicone grease 19 Powersreering system Genuine Honda Power Steering Fluid (V, II or 5) Art conditioning compressor Cumpressor oil: 20 NIPPONDENSO: ND-OlLa lP/N 38699 — Pfi7 — AM) (For RsfrigsrantHFC-13‘a (R-ll‘al) CAUTION: Used engin. all may cluu skin cane-v il repeltadly left in contact with (h: Ikin for prolangod periods. Although this is unlikely unless you hendle uud oil on a daily bash, it is still advisable to thor- oughly wash your hands with soap and water as soon as posailile after handling used oil. Recommended engine oil Engine oil viscosity lor ambient temperature ranges *1: If Honda MTF is not available, you may use an API service 36 or SHrrated momr oil with a viscosity of SAE 10W — 30 or lOW 40 ‘emporarllv. Motor oil can cause increased transmission wear and higher sniffing effort. ’2: We recommend Genuine Honda Brake Fluid. 4-2