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  • Honda Accord CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 54

    Read this before you do any electrical work on the car. This model has an SRS (Type III) which includes a driver’s airbag located in the steering wheel hub, and a passen- ger’s airbag located in the dashboard above me glove box. The sns of some models however, has only the drivers airbag. Information necessary to safely service the sns is included in Shop Manual (e2sv222l Items marked with an asterisk in on the conrenrs page include, or are located near, sns components. Servicing, disassembfing er replac- ing these items will require special precautions and tools, and should therslore be done by an authorized Honda dealer. 0 To avoid rand! fly the SHS inoporlllve, which could load to personal in’ury or death in the evlm of SIVBI’. frontal colli on. all SRS sorvico work must be parturde by an authollnd Honda do: I. 0 Improper aerv cl proceduras, including ineormct removal and lnstullltion of tho SHS, could load to personal iniury caused by unlntantional activation of tho llrbags. I Do not bump the SHS un 0th! to. the system may fall in also of I colllslon, or the airbags may deploy whon the ignltlon switch is In posltlon ON (ll). . 0 All SRS elechical wiring humassos arl coverud with yellow insullti n, Roland components are located in the fleeting calumn, front console, dashboard. d-shhoard lower panel, and in the dnshboard above the glove box. Do not use electrical test equipment on thase circuit: