Summary of Contents for Honda Accord CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 53

  • Honda Accord CE1 CE2 Service Manual - Page 53

    Brake Hoses] Lines Inspection it Inspect the brake hoses for damage. deterioration, leaks, interference or Misting. 2‘ Check the brake lines ior damage, rusting or leakage. Also check for bent brake lines. 3. Check for leaks at hose and line joints or connections, and migmen if necessary 4. Check the master cylinder and ABS modulator unit for damage and leakage. CAUTION: Rtplac. ‘he brake hose cllp whenever the brlka hon Is serviced, NOTE: This illustration is shown the LHD tvpe for conventional brake, RHD type is symmetrical. IHAKE HOSE-wCAUPER (BANJO Born 34 Min (35 kvfm, 25 Ibflt) Fm curs with ABS: ABS MODULATOR UNN-ta-IHAKE LIFE BIEED SCREW 19 Mm (1.9 kqtm, 14 rum 9 um 10.! kfl-m, 6.5 MM ~ BRAKE LmE-tn-DUAL PROPORTIONVNG VALVE Is Mm (1.9 km, 14 mm ABS MODULAVOR uNrr BRAKE uNE-tu-HRAKE NOSE 15 Min (15 kghn. l1 Ibml MASTER GVLINDER-m-BRAKE LINE 19 Mm .9 Imhn, 1A Ibml BRAKE LlNE-to-BRAKE NOSE 15 N-m [L5 kgi-m, 11 Ibm) REAR Disc BRAKE: BLEED SCREW a Mn: (03 kohn, 6.5 mm] IRAKE HOSE-tecAurEn (BANJO BOLTl 34 N-m (1.5 kgf‘m, 25 my 1 9-3