Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986 SE 300 Service Manual - Page 13

  • Honda Accord 1986 SE 300 Service Manual - Page 13

    Preparation of Work — Electrical ~ Belore making any repairs on electric wires or - When removing locking couplers, be sure to dis- oerts, disconnect the battery cables from the bats connect the lock beiore perlorminc Work. tery staring with the negalive [—l terminal. . Couplers may be oi two types, those in which the lock is pressed to remove. and those in which the @_ loclt is pulled up to remove. Be sure to ascertain the type oi locking device beiore beginning work. The lollowing is a depiction of the means or disconnect— 1& ing various typical couplers. prim to olecng- 7i r Arter making repairs, check each wire or part for proper routing and installation. Also check to see that they are connected properly. ~ Always connect the battery positive (4-) cable first, then connect the negative H cable, / - Coat the terminals with clean grease atter connect. Ing the battery cables. ~ Dont forget to install the terminal cover over the positive battery terminal alter connecting. Before installing a new fusev isolate the cause and take corrective measures, particularly when Ira- quent fuse failura occurs. Z / Pull up to dinngcge: Retinal - When disconnecting locks, first press in the Cou~ pler Tightly lto provide clearance to the locking de- vice), then operate the tab iully and remove the coupler in the designated manner. - Be sure lo install the terminal cover aver the con- nections after a wire or wire harness has been Con- nected. mVER TERMINAL 1-12