Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986 SE 300 Service Manual - Page 14

  • Honda Accord 1986 SE 300 Service Manual - Page 14

    When disconnecting a coupler, pull it otl from the mating coupler by holding on both couplers. Never try to disconnect couplers by pulling on their wires, Before connecting couplers, check lo see that the terminals ale in place and are not bent or distorted fij:@ insert couplers fully until they will no longer go. Some couplers have locking tabs that must be aligned and engaged securely. Don use wire harnesses with a loose wire or cou— Dler. Place the plastic cover over the mating coupler aitar reconnecting Also check that (he and is net inverted. Belora connecting, check each connector cover for breakage. Also make sure that the female cunnec» tor is tilrgt and not oried open from the previous use. lnselt male connectors into the temale connectors lully until they will no longer go. Ele sale that plastic cover is placed over the con- nectlon. Dont place the opening of each plastic cover lacing up. Secure wires and Wire harnesses to the frame with thelr respective wire bands at the designated locar ticns. Tighten the bands so that only the insulated surfaces contact the wires or wire harnesses. X 0 A loose wire harness or cable can be a hazard to safety. After clamping, check each wire for secuer ty in its clamp. O x MM Do not squeeze wires against the weld or nugget of Its clamp when a weldron clamp is used. 0 X L A (contdl 1-13