Summary of Contents for Honda Accord 1986 SE 300 Service Manual - Page 16

  • Honda Accord 1986 SE 300 Service Manual - Page 16

    After fouling, check tha‘ the wire halnesses are not twis‘ed or kinked. - Wire harnesses should be routed so that they are not pulled taut, slackened excessively] pinched, or interferred with sdiacenl or surrounding parls in all stering positions. Ale range and dolM conga? / ‘ When using the Service Tester, follow the menus facluvers instructions and those descnbed in the Shop Manual. fifi - Do not throw clr Ie( parts (all. @fg - Rust is the enemy of all finished surfaces, Before connecting conneowrs and couplers, check the (en minals and remove, ii any, rusr using a fine sand paper or emery clolhr — Symbol Marks The following Symbols stand for: Apply engine oil, Apply brake fluid. Apply Automatic Transmission Fluid, “fin :Applv grease. Apply Power Steering Fluid. 1-15