KB, KE, KG, KR models


Fuel and Emissions Systems

DTC Troubleshooting Index 11-2
Symptom Troubleshooting Index 11-5
System Descriptions 11-6

PGM-FI System

Component Location Index 11-51
DTC Troubleshooting 11-54
MIL Circuit Troubleshooting 11-56

Idle Control System

Component Location Index 11-68
PSP Switch Signal Circuit Troubleshooting 11-69
Idle Speed Adjustment 11-71

Fuel Supply System

Component Location Index 11-72
Fuel Tank Replacement 11-73

Refer to the 2001 Civic Shop Manual, P/N 62S5A000 on this CD [4-door (KB, KE, KG, TR models)], for items not shown in this section.

Outline of Civic Coupe Model Change

D17A8, D17A9 engine has been added.