Design Specifications


Item Measurement Qualification Specification
Rear -0°45'
Caster Front 1°33'
Total toe Front 0 mm (0 in.)
Rear In 2 mm (1/16 in.)
BRAKE Type of service brake Front Power-assisted self-adjusting ventilated disc
Rear Power-assisted self-adjusting solid disc or drum
Type of parking brake   Mechanical actuating, rear wheels
Pad friction surface area Front 35 cm2 x 2 (5.4 sq in. x 2)
Shoe friction surface area Rear 67 cm2 x 2 (10.3 sq in. x 2)
TYRES Size of front and rear KK, KX models P185/65R 15 86H
KE, KG, KB, KR, KY models P195-60R 15 88H
Size of spare tyre KG, KB, KR, KX models T125/70D 15 95M
AIR CONDITIONING Cooling capacity   3,870 kcal/h (15,400 BTU/h)
Compressor Type/manufacturer Scroll/SANDEN
Number of cylinders -
Capacity 85.7 ml/rev. (5.23 cu in./rev.)
Maximum speed 12,000 rpm
Lubricant capacity 130 ml (4 1/3 fl oz)
Lubricant type SP-10 (P/N 38897-P13-003, 38898-P13-003 or 38899-P13-A01)
Condenser Type Corrugated fin
Evaporator Type Corrugated fin
Blower Type Radial fan
Motor type 190 W/12 V
Speed control 9-speed
Maximum capacity 480 m3/h (16,900 cu ft/h)
Temperature clutch   Air-mix type
Compressor clutch Type Dry, single plate, poly-V belt drive
Electrical power consumption at 20°C (68°F) 42 W maximum at 12 V
Refrigerant Type HFC-134a (R-134a)
Quantity 500-550 g (17.5-19.5 oz)