Power Mirror Replacement


  1. Lower the door glass fully.
  1. Carefully pry out the mirror mount cover (A) by hand in the sequence shown.

Fastener Location

: Clip, 1

  1. Remove the door panel (see page 20-4).
  2. If equipped with a tweeter, pull the plastic cover (A) back as necessary and disconnect the connector (B), then remove the mirror mount cover (C) with the tweeter.

    Fastener Locations

    : Nut, 3

  1. Disconnect the connector (D).
  2. While holding the mirror, remove the nuts securing the mirror.

  1. While holding the mirror, push out the connector clip (A) and remove the mirror (B). Take care not to scratch the door.

  1. Install the mirror in the reverse order of removal and make sure the connector is plugged in properly.