Rear Seat-back Lock Cylinder Replacement


Rear Seat-back Cover Replacement

NOTE: Take care not to scratch the interior trim.
  1. Remove the rear shelf (see page 20-35).
  2. Disconnect the cylinder rods from both seat-back latches.
  3. Remove the screws, then remove the seat-back lock cylinder (A) and cylinder rods (B).

Fastener Locations

: Screw, 2

  1. Install the lock cylinder in the reverse order of removal and note these items:
  • Make sure the cylinder rod is connected securely.
  • Make sure the seat-back opens properly.


  • Take care not to tear the seams or damage the seat covers.
  • Put on gloves to protect your hands.
  1. Remove the seat back, refer to the '01 M CIVIC Shop Manual, P/N. 625A00 on this CD (see page 20-95).
  2. On the left seat-back: Remove the screw, then remove the centre belt guide (A).

Fastener Location

: Screw, 1

  1. Release the hook (A) and unzip the seat-back cover (B). The left seat-back is shown, the right seat-back is similar.