Stereo Sound System

Window Antenna Test


Window Antenna Repair

  1. Wrap Aluminium foil (A) around the tip of the tester probe (B) as shown.

  1. Touch one tester probe to the window antenna terminal (A) and move the other tester probe along the antenna wires to check that continuity exists.

NOTE: To make an effective repair, the broken section must be no longer than 1 inch.
  1. Lightly rub the area around the broken section (A) with fine steel wool, then clean it with alcohol.

  1. Carefully mask above and below the broken portion of the window antenna wire (B) with transparent tape (C).
  2. Using a small brush, apply a heavy coat of silver conductive paint (A) extending about 1/8" on both sides of the break. Allow 25 minutes to dry. Thoroughly mix the paint before use.

  1. Check for continuity in the repaired wire.
  2. Apply a second coat of paint in the same way. Let it dry 3 hours before removing the tape