Power Distribution

Fuse to Components Index (cont'd)


Under-dash Fuse/Relay Box

Fuse Number Amps Wire Colour Component(s) or Circuit(s) Protected
1 15 A BLK/WHT Ignition coils
2 - - Not used
3 10 A RED/BLU Multiplex control unit
4 10 A BLK/ORN Alternator, Cruise control unit, Evaporative emission (EVAP) canister purge valve, Primary and secondary HO2S, Vehicle speed sensor (VSS)
5 7.5 A Fuse/relay box socket Multiplex control unit (KG)
6 7.5 A YEL/GRN Sunroof open and close relays, Power window relay, Headlight adjuster unit
7 20 A GRN Sunroof motor
8 7.5 A YEL/RED Audio unit, Multiplex control unit
9 10 A GRN OPDS unit
10 7.5 A YEL A/T reverse relay, Back-up lights, Gauge assembly, Keyless receiver unit, Multiplex control unit, Security control unit, Shift lock solenoid
11 7.5 A BLK/ORN ABS modulator-control unit (IG2)
12 7.5 A YEL/RED Multiplex control unit (KG)
13 10 A PNK SRS unit
14 10 A BLK/YEL A/C compressor fan relay, Heater control panel/climate control unit, Condenser fan relay, Blower motor relay, Power mirror actuators, Radiator fan relay, Recirculation control motor, Rear window defogger relay
15 30 A RED/YEL Headlight washer control unit (KG, KR)
16 20 A RED/BLK Seat heaters
17 15 A BLK/YEL ECM/PCM, SRS unit
18 15 A YEL/GRN Cigarette lighter
19 7.5 A YEL/BLK Turn signal/hazard relay
20 20 A GRN/BLK Multiplex control unit, Windshield washer motor, Windshield wiper motor
21 - - Not used
22 20 A GRN/BLK Passenger's power window motor
23 20 A GRN/WHT Driver's power window motor