Lubricants and Fluids


For the details of lubrication points and type of lubricants to be applied, refer to the illustrated index and various work procedures (such as Assembly/Reassembly, Replacement, Overhaul, Installation, etc.) contained in each section.

1 Engine Always use fuel-efficient that says "API service SG, SH or SJ"
SAE Viscosity See chart below.
2 Transmission Manual Genuine Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF) *1
Automatic Genuine Honda ATF-Z1 (ATF) *2
3 Brake system (includes ABS line) Brake fluid DOT 3 or DOT 4 *3
4 Clutch line Brake fluid DOT 3 or DOT 4 *3
5 Power steering gearbox Steering grease P/N 08733-B070E
6 Release fork (manual transmission) Super High Temp Urea Grease (P/N 08798-9002)
7 Shift and select cable ends (Manual transmission)
8 Throttle cable end (dashboard lower panel hole) Silicon grease
9 Throttle cable end (throttle link) Multi-purpose grease
10 Brake master cylinder pushrod
11 Clutch master cylinder pushrod
12 Shift lever
13 Pedal linkage
14 Battery terminals
15 Fuel fill lid
16 Rear brake shoe linkage Honda White Lithium Grease
17 Hood hinges and latch
18 Trunk hinges and latch
19 Door hinges, upper and lower
20 Door opening detent
21 Calliper piston boot, calliper pins and boots Silicone grease
22 Brake line joints (front and rear wheelhouse) Rust preventatives
23 Power steering system Honda Power Steering Fluid *4
24 Air conditioning compressor Compressor oil: SANDEN: SP-10 (P/N 38897-P13-003 or 38899-P13-A01)
For refrigerant: HFC-134a (R-134a)

Recommended Engine oil

Engine oil viscosity for ambient temperature ranges


Used engine oil may cause skin cancer if repeatedly left in contact with the skin for prolonged periods. Although this is unlikely unless you handle used oil on a daily basis, it is still advisable to thoroughly wash your hands with soap and water as soon as possible after handling used oil.

*1     Always use genuine Honda Manual Transmission Fluid (MTF). Using motor oil can cause stiffer shifting because it does not contain the proper additives.

*2     Always use genuine Honda ATF-Z1 (ATF). Using a non-Honda ATF can affect shift quality.

*3     We recommend Genuine Honda Brake Fluid. Using a non-Honda brake fluid can cause corrosion and decrease the life of the system.

*4     Always Honda Power Steering Fluid. Using any other type of power steering fluid or automatic transmission fluid can cause increased wear and poor steering in cold weather.