Maintenance Schedule for Normal Conditions (Except European Models)

Listed by Distance/Time (cont'd)

  (see page 8-3)
  (see page 8-6)*1
  (see page 11-147)*1 (see page 11-447)*1
Check the valve clearance. (see page 6-8)
  (see page 11-138)*1 (see page 11-296)*1 (see page 11-438)*1 (see page 11-571)*1
  (see page 4-17)
Check water pump for signs of seal leakage. (see page 6-18)*1 (see page 6-22)*1 (see page 10-7)*1
  • Check for cracks and damage.
  • Check deflection and tension.
(see page 17-23)*1
  (see page 11-125)*1 (see page 11-285)*1 (see page 11-425)*1 (see page 11-560)*1 (see page 11-71)
Check specific gravity for freezing point. (see page 10-8)*1
Use genuine Honda MTF (Manual Transmission Fluid). (see page 13-3)*1
Use genuine Honda AFT-Z1 (ATF). (see page 14-122)*1
  • Check the brake pad and disc thickness. Check for damage or cracks.
  • Check the wheel cylinder for leaks.
  • Check the brake linings for cracking, glazing, wear or contamination.
  • Check the calipers for damage, leaks and tightness
(see page 19-3)*1
Use only DOT 3 or DOT 4 brake fluid. (We recommend Genuine Honda Brake Fluid.) Check that Brake fluid level is between the upper and lower marks on the reservoir. (see page 19-7)*1
Check the parking brake operation. (see page 19-6)*1
The suggested rotation method is shown in the diagram of the Owner's Manual. -
  • Check for correct installation and position, check for cracks, deterioration rust and leaks.
  • Check tightness of screws, nuts and joints. If necessary, retighten.
  • Check rack grease and steering linkage. Check the boot for damage and leaking grease.
  • Check the fluid line for damage and leaks.
(see page 17-5)*1
  • Check the bolts for tightness.
  • Check all dust covers for deterioration and damage.
(see page 18-3)*1
  • Check the boot and boot band for cracks
  • Check rack grease.
(see page 16-3)*1
Check the master cylinder, proportioning control valve and ABS modulator and leakage. (see page 19-48)*1
Check for leaks. -
Check the catalytic converter heat shield, exhaust pipe and muffler for damage, leaks and tightness. (see page 9-3)
Check fuel lines for loose connections, cracks and deterioration. Retighten loose connections and replace any damaged parts (see page 11-132)*1 (see page 11-290)*1 (see page 11-432)*1 (see page 11-565)*1

*1: Refer to shop manual: '01 CIVIC MAINTENANCE, REPAIR and CONSTRUCTION Code No. 62S5A00 on this CD.