Starting System

Starter Overhaul (cont'd)


Starter Brush Inspection
  1. Measure the brush length. If it is not within the service limit, replace the armature housing assembly.

Brush Length

Standard (New):

M/T:14.0 - 14.5 mm (0.55 - 0.58 in.)

A/T:15.8 - 16.2 mm (0.62 - 0.64 in.)

Standard (New):

M/T:9.0 mm (0.35 in.)

A/T:11.0 mm (0.43 in.)

Starter Field Winding Test (M/T)

  1. Check for continuity between the brushes (A). If there is no continuity, replace the armature housing (B).

  1. Check for continuity between each brush (A) and the armature housing (B). If there is continuity, replace the armature housing.

Starter Brush Holder Test

  1. Check that there is no continuity between the (+) brush holder (A) and (-) brush holder (B). If there is no continuity, replace the brush holder assembly.

  1. Insert the brush (A) into the brush holder and bring the brush into contact with the commutator, then attach a spring scale (B) to the spring (C). Measure the spring tension at the moment the spring lifts off the brush.

Spring Tension:

13.7 - 17.7 N (1.4 - 1.8 kgf, 3.07 - 3.97 lbf)