Cylinder Head

Camshaft Inspection (cont'd)


  1. Check the total runout with the camshaft supported on V-blocks.
  • If the total runout of the camshaft is within the service limit, replace the cylinder head.
  • If the total runout is beyond the service limit, replace the camshaft and recheck the camshaft-to-holder oil clearance. If the oil clearance is still out of tolerance, replace the cylinder head.

Camshaft Total Runout:

Standard (New):0.03 mm (0.001 in.) max.

Service Limit:0.04 mm (0.002 in.)

  1. Rotate camshaft while measuring

  1. Measure cam lobe height.

Cam Lobe Height Standard (New):

D17A2, D17A5, D17A9, engines PRI 38.604 mm

(1.5198 in.)

38.784 mm

(1.5269 in.)

  SEC 32.848 mm

(1.2932 in.)

D17A8 engine 35.299 mm

(1.3897 in.)

37.281 mm

(1.4678 in.)

PRI: PrimarySEC: Secondary

IN: IntakeEX: ExhaustT/B: Timing Belt