Engine Block

Crankshaft Installation (cont'd)


  1. Clean and dry the oil pump mating surfaces.
  2. Install the oil pump (A).
  1. Install a new crankshaft oil seal in the oil pump, refer to the '01 Civic Shop Manual on this CD (see step 12 on page 8-11).
  2. Apply liquid gasket, part No. 08718-0001 or 08718-0003, evenly to the block mating surface of the oil pump and to the inner threads of the bolt holes.
  3. Grease the lip of the oil seal and apply oil to the new O-ring (B).
  4. Install the dowel pins (C), then align the inner rotor with the crankshaft and install the oil pump.
  5. Clean the excess grease off the crankshaft and check the seal for distortion.

  1. Install the oil screen (D) with a new gasket (E).
  2. Install the oil pan, refer to the '01 Civic Shop Manual on this CD (see page 7-24).