Intermediate Shaft Disassembly

Special Tools Required
Oil seal driver (  07947-SB00100)

Half shaft base (  07NAF-SR30101)

NOTE: These descriptions are R16A1 or R18A1 engine M/T models. The point of K20Z2 engine models that should be noted; the bearing support shape is different from the following. However, the procedure how to remove is the same.

1.Remove the set ring (A), outer seal (B), and external snap ring (C).


2.Press the intermediate shaft (A) out of the intermediate shaft bearing (B) using a press. Be careful not to damage the metal rings (C) on the intermediate shaft during disassembly.


3.Remove the internal snap ring.


4.Press the intermediate shaft bearing (A) out of the bearing support (B) using the special tools and a press.