Steering Gearbox Removal - Power Steering

Special Tools Required
Ball joint remover, 28 mm (  07MAC-SL00201)

or 07MAC-SL00200

Note these items during removal:
  • Using solvent and a brush, wash any oil and dirt off the valve body unit, it's lines, and the end of the gerabox. Blow dry with compressed air.
  • Be sure to remove the steering wheel before disconnecting the steering joint. Damage to the cable reel can occur.
  • The illustrations show LHD type, RHD type is symmetrical.

1.Drain the power steering fluid.

2.Make sure you have the anti-theft codes for the radio, then write down the audio presets.

3.Make sure the ignition switch is OFF, then disconnect the negative cable from the battery.

4.Raise the front of vehicle, and support it with safety stands in the proper locations.

5.Remove the front wheels.

6.Remove the steering wheel.

7.Remove the driver's dashboard under cover.

8.Remove the steering joint cover A.


9.Remove the steering joint bolt (A), and disconnect the steering joint by moving the steering joint (B) toward the column. Hold the lower slide shaft (C) on the column with a piece of wire (D) between the joint yoke (E) on the lower slide shaft to the joint yoke on the upper shaft.


10.Remove the center guide (A) (if equipped), and discard it. The center guide is for factory assembly only.


11.Remove the cotter pin (A) from the 12 mm nut (B), and loosen the nut.


12.Separate the tie-rod ball joint and knuckle using the special tool.

13.Remove the pump outlet hose clamp (A) from the intake manifold.


14.Remove the inlet line clamp bolt (A). Open the return line holder (B), and remove the return line clamp bolt (C).


15.Loosen the adjustable hose clamp (A), and disconnect the return hose (B).


16.Loosen the 18 mm flare nut (C), and disconnect the inlet line (D).

17.Remove the front splash shield.

18.Remove the lower ball joint mounting bolt (A) and flange nuts (B) from the lower arm.


19.Disconnect the lower arm from the lower ball housing.

20.Attach a wood block (A) to the lower center of the front subframe (B). Attach a jack to the center of the wood block and support the front subframe securely by raising the jack.


21.Remove the front subframe middle mount bolt (A) from the driver's side.


22.Remove the front subframe middle mount bolt (A) from the passenger's side.


23.Remove the two 12 mm flange bolts (A) from the lower torque rod bracket.


24.Remove the front subframe front mounting bolts (A) from the right and left sides of the vehicle, and discard them.


25.Remove the front subframe rear mounting bolts (A) from the right and left sides of the vehicle, and discard them.


26.Lower the front subframe and steering gearbox as an assembly by lowering jack slowly.

27.Remove the pinion shaft grommet (A) from the top of the valve body unit.


28.Remove the two 10 mm bolts from the right side of the steering gearbox, then remove the mounting bracket (A) and mounting cushion (B).


29.Remove the four 10 mm flange bolts from the left side of the steering gearbox, then remove the stiffener plates (A).


30.Remove the steering gearbox (B) from the front subframe.